How long should my kid’s skis be?

Kids are constantly growing, and every year we find ourselves battling the “does the gear fit” problem! A few weeks ago we addressed how to fit your kid’s ski boots. We hope this helps you find good boots for your children, whether they are new, ski swap specials or hand-me-downs.

But what about the skis?!

Sizing your Kid’s Skis Correctly

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to correctly sizing your or your children’s skis. Weight and height are a good place to start, but skier ability should also affect your decision.

The simple rule of thumb:

When standing straight, your kid’s skis should come to their nose. Though they are still fine if they land somewhere between the chin and the forehead.

The chin is the short end of the spectrum while the forehead is the longer. However, if you have a beginner or toddler, having skis that come to chest level are fine as well.

Multi-generational skiing at Park City Reasons for Shorter Skies

It is often suggested that beginner skiers / kids have shorter skis. This is because:

  1. A shorter ski will be easier to turn and turn more quickly.
  2. A shorter ski is better for a child that is lighter weight then is average for their height.
  3. Short skis are also lighter, making them more user-friendly for kids.

ski length for kids Result of Longer Skis

Though “shorter is better,” when talking to kids, this doesn’t mean you should disregard a longer ski.

  1. Longer skis might last for several seasons as a child grows
  2. Longer skis are good for a child that weighs more than is average for their height.
  3. Skis with a lot of rocker or twin tips are often longer.
  4. A intermediate or advanced ski might be able to handle a longer ski.

A word on bindings:

If you are purchasing skis and bindings separately, you must purchase youth bindings when using a youth boot. This is because youth or child boots are narrower.

So there you go – pretty simple really!


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