Balancing Life and the Outdoors [My First Podcast]

Even now, I sit in front of my computer, fretting over what to say and how to say it.

While I love writing, sometimes I just wish I could sit across the table with you and a warm cup of coffee and just chat. Chat about having kids and loving the outdoors. About awesome trips we’ve taken and the totally dysfunctional situations we’ve been in as we attempt to combine both those loves.

I want to converse about the strange pressure we put on ourselves as new moms (and old moms) and share the one thing that I wish I could say to all of you who are entering or in the middle of this thing called parenthood.

“Embrace the season and give yourself a lot of grace

And now I get to. Thanks to Rebecca from Hike Like a Woman, I get to sit down with you all and share my heart on these things. It will only take 30 minutes of your time. I hope you enjoy it.

–>Balancing Life and the Outdoors with Alyssa<–

Alyssa head shot - parenting and the outdoors

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4 comments on “Balancing Life and the Outdoors [My First Podcast]
  1. Awesome podcast Alyssa! Thank you for being such an inspiring outdoor mama. Totally embracing the awe of being in the outdoors and having patience through the dysfunctional parts with the littles 🙂

  2. This is so fun!!! I love listening to podcasts when I go for walks and now I can listen to one by someone I know!!!! Excited to hear what you have to say, Alyssa!

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