Newborn Chronicles [Life through blurry eyes…]

Maybe it is because so many of my friends have newborns (or will soon). Maybe it is because I just moved my youngest out of her crib and I realize how quickly I left the baby stage behind. And I know how much quicker I will forget everything I learned and experienced. But for all these reasons and more I am writing a series of posts focused entirely on that intense [but short] season of life when we have a newborn.

After three babies, I don’t know it all.  In fact, just today I learned of something I’d never heard about – all natural Amber teething necklaces that when worn by a baby, the natural oils in the amber apparently help with inflamation and pain.  Having a teething baby myself right now, means I will put in hours finding and trying one of these [I am desperate] and let you know the results.  Back to the point…I am still learning.  Every family is different.  Every kid, different-er [if I can make up that word].

But nonetheless I want to share what we learned along the way and answer some of the nagging questions like, “will I ever leave the house again?!” And give hope to those moms out there that are a tad emotional, largely underslept, rocked by the huge life change and overwhelmed by the extremely needy creature cradled in their arms.  If that describes you, well… it described me too.  I can relate.  And I can also tell you that this season will pass.  Pretty quickly. There is hope and joy and a lot of laughter hiding amongst your sleepless nights, fearful wondering, and disputes with your husband.

So keep checking back with us!  We will be discussing newborns in relation to nursing, feeling trapped in your house, whether scheduling is good, cloth diapers, camping with your baby, keeping them warm, and how to battle the loneliness that can so often accompany mommyhood.

Men – don’t run! My husband might have something to say in all this.  And you might just learn something you can pass onto that wife of yours that is too tired right now to see straight, much less read our blog.

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