KP Tip: Layering your Toddler for Cold Weather Activities

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Getting your toddler ready for adventure can be hard. And even harder when you are layering up for skiing or sledding!

Today we address a question from one of our Kid Project readers:

 Been slowly putting my 2-year-old on skis this year and he loves the idea but hates the getting dressed part. I used to teach skiing to 3-5 year olds but they had mostly gotten past this phase. Any tips for making getting dressed in layers for skiing fun?

We have 3 tips we share in the video:

  1. Get yourself (and everyone else) dressed and ready BEFORE taking on the toddler.
  2. Pick your battles wisely.
  3. Choose less layers. Instead of 5 warm tops, aim for on long sleeve shirt and a warm down jacket.

What are your tips for layering up those toddlers?

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